The People

Committee & Support Staff


John Zaccaria

– Chairman

G John Goldsmith

– Vice Chairman

S Jon Sciortino

– Secretary

L Dominic Loiacono

– Treasurer

B Frank Bempasciuto Jr

– Marketing

D Tony D’Agostino

– Accountant

M Michael Menna

– Legal

SAC Volunteers

We have a great group of people that offer their time to supporting local music events and in turn supporting Strike a Chord. If you would like to become involved in helping at some great Australian and International concerts then please contact our Strike a Chord concert events team manager.

Bronwen Sciortino



Rock coach profiles

Frank started his love affair with music as a kid, watching his Dad (drummer) and bandmates jamming at home. Frank starting to play around with the drums before trying out the piano and then finally taking up the guitar. He started playing with bands at a young age also taking up a role as lead singer. At 14 years of age Frank was accepted on a music programme at Perth Modern School.

Over the years Frank has played with the bands such as Midnight Oasis, Get Smart, Jack, Our Generation, Slice and Chucky. He has spent time over the East Coast pursuing a music career, even spending some time working at EMI in Sydney. He has completed a Diploma at the SAE Course for Audio Engineering and currently works in the music industry as a State Manager for a Music Instrument Distributor.

“To be honest I’m not entirely sure as to why I became a Rock Coach; but when you have the kids come up and say how good it is; parents telling you you’re incredible and their kids love it and you don’t how good this is ……its all worth it, they make you feel pretty good!”

Frank Rossetti is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn