Youth Focus aims to put a stop to youth suicide.

We are a unique independent not-for-profit organisation that supports vulnerable young people in Western Australia by offering a range of mental health services. We operate with a team of highly trained and skilled psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists to provide a range of early intervention and prevention services free of charge, aimed at supporting young people and their families to overcome the issues associated with suicide, depression and self harm.

During the 2013-14 financial year, we estimate that some 2,000 young people will access our intensive face to face counselling services.  At the moment, the average length of their counselling relationship is around 22 weeks.  We anticipate that a further 15,000 people will take part in our preventative and educational programs over the same period.

Our face to face counselling services are unique for 4 key reasons:

  • they are free
  • they are delivered by highly qualified and experienced mental health practitioners
  • there is no time or session limit, our support is provided on a ‘needs’ basis
  • the referral pathway is simple and direct, no formal diagnosis or GP referral is required



To prevent youth suicide, depression and self harm



To support young people who are showing early signs associated with suicide, depression, self-harm and their families and carers


Our Objectives:

  • To provide youth and family therapeutic support and intervention
  • To offer early support and assistance to young people and their families
  • To promote strong and caring relationships between young people, their families, peers and communities
  • To work in a coordinated and collaborative manner with other programs providing services to the young person and their family
  • Provide youth and family friendly community based support


We aim to understand young people and their difficulties within the broader context of their lives which includes family, friends, school and their local community. This understanding acknowledges the effect of past experiences, the significance of current issues and circumstances, and the nature of adolescence as a life stage.

We provide our free services in a way that are “youth friendly”, flexible, needs driven and personalised. We offer our services from our offices located in Burswood, Joondalup, Rockingham, Mandurah, Bunbury, Albany and Geraldton as well as via our schools (we operate out of around 50 High Schools) and outreach programs.

Our key services include:


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