Just as the name suggests, Open Jam is an opportunity for musicians of any level of experience coming together and attending one of our Rock Coach led Jam sessions.


This is a great opportunity for youth to come together, possibly even step out of their own comfort zone and meet other who may be in a similar position to them, facing some of the same challenges. Music enhances that link and enables them to interact and become inspired.

Each Open Jam is tailored to the group, with Rock Coaches identifying opportunities for participants to progress through to RockStar101 programme, or put them in touch with One on One tuition.

For more information on one of our programmes, please contact us.


RockStar101 is a programme that brings together young musicians regardless of their experience level and encourages them to expand on their musical skills; both on a personal level but importantly in a band situation where they are interacting and working with other young musicians.


We encourage these young people to work on basic musical skills in a group such as pitch, timing, performance, song writing skills; with the view on creating ‘one sound’ as a band not just as an individual. We feel this is a critical part to our customised programme!

The music itself somewhat becomes secondary or more of a conduit; our young performers are building lifelong skills. Self esteem, self-confidence, and key relationships are the key ingredients to the RockStar101 programme.

“We have had examples where … shy young kids, who barely even speak to their parents, are coming to rehearsals and sharing stories, exchanging phone numbers, having play dates, hanging outside of the band, rehearsing in their own time to get their vocals down. It’s all about the music creating these by-products!”

“I’ve had a girl who’s been coming down to a few sessions, she’s 18 and she’s never left her parents side in 18 years. A few weeks back she came to a session and she started waving to her mother ‘Bye Mum!”….. the girls mother starting crying because she’s never left her mothers side, never said goodbye to her. These are the true benefits of participation in a programme like RockStar101.”

Frank Rossetti – Rock Coach – Strike A Chord Inc

For more information on one of our programmes, please contact us.