About Us

Strike A Chord Inc. commenced as a charitable association in December 2007, being incorporated under the original name of Strike A Chord for Cancer Inc.

Strike A Chord Inc. has conducted a number of successful fundraising activities over that time, including:

  • the staging of fundraising charity balls in 2010, 2011 and 2012;
  • ticket raffles in 2009 and 2010;
  • fundraising from corporate organisations and professional partners; and
  • raising funds from members of the general public via tin collections and other fundraising activities and events.

From inception Strike A Chord Inc. has been actively involved in its mission to share the gift of music with sick and disadvantaged children, and the organisation’s efforts made a significant difference in the lives of many individuals and families.

The organisation’s focus is now threefold:

  1. Provide a unique STRIKE A CHORD Children’s Music Learning and Development Centre, for children up to the age of 18, offering music lessons, innovative educational music programs and projects, with the aim of improving and encouraging participation in music for children in the broader community, as well as offering programs and music support facilities to charities, schools and other community groups at appropriate locations;
  2. Promote music related social and cultural community events; and
  3. Raise funds through grants and other means to support the ongoing operating costs of the music centre and mobile outreach programs.



Strike A Chord Inc. has recognised that the development of a Children’s Music Learning and Development Centre is a longer-term goal. As an interim measure, a mobile ‘Music Coach’ program has been developed and is currently being trialled. It is expected that this mobile program will continue once a permanent Centre is in existence in order to cater for those beneficiaries who may not be in a position to access the Centre.


Intended Beneficiaries

Strike A Chord Inc. remains committed to sharing the gift of music through its slogan ‘music is medicine’, and has realigned its activities with the provision of music tuition rather than the gifting of instruments.

Children are the primary beneficiary of Strike A Chord Inc., and there is now a broader focus on children in the wider community, not just those who face medical challenges. Strike A Chord Inc. has continued to work with disadvantaged children through its engagement with organisations such as Therapy Focus, Youth Focus and Princess Margaret Hospital.

Strike A Chord Inc. has spent the last 12 months trialling its ‘OpenJam’ & ‘RockStar 101’ music tuition programs with children from the Therapy Focus organisation. The program has been a popular and emotional success story, both for the children who have participated and for the parents and support networks of those children. In fact, a number of other similar organisations have requested similar programs be implemented by Strike A Chord Inc.

Strike A Chord Inc. has set a modest fundraising target which will be used to support the music coaching program. In the medium term, Strike A Chord Inc. is hoping to leverage the success of the tuition program in its efforts to obtain ongoing funding from corporate organisations and grant funding from other providers.

Strike A Chord Inc. is excited at the future prospects for the association and, importantly, the benefit that it can bring to the broader community through its efforts to fulfil the message of its slogan: ‘music is medicine’.